Until it Message to Madrid, Bale Want Flee to you

Until it Message to Madrid, Bale Want Flee to you
Real Madrid manaced exodus of player. A lot of their penggawa pillar now wanting to persist soon flee.

just Mention James Rodriguez that already since long to state it ready the leg take up from Santiago Bernabeu. Then Cristiano Ronaldo break off it pull because peevish always to be cornered in tax case.

Last, Gareth Bale more and more santer to be told want to take off it kostum Los Blancos. Even to join in Sport, origin star that Wales already talk with management.

Bale submit it special message to willing Madrid matter flee. don't forget him also to mention Manchester United as first ports option new of the carreer later.

Madrid as far as this yet to give it reaction hooked Bale's willing. Even their newest news deliberate want to freeze it all activity transfer.

that Step is taken as balance of manacing flee from Ronaldo. They anticipate all possibility because future CR7 very related with team plan to front.



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