Pogba: YOU are don't Play Good, but Reach Three Trofi

Pogba: YOU are don't Play Good, but Reach Three Trofi
Manchester   - Manchester United Star Paul Pogba parry criticism in the team. Although to stiff don't play goodly, but your toh succeed to tug at three goblets.

'Red Devil' achievementy direct in season its first be trained Jose Mourinho. To guard with menggondol Community Shield, Pogba and friends then to seize Goblet English Liga that to be ended with champion title Liga Europa.

Criticism to you also come along to drag Pogba. player Performa international of France this be considered yet comparable with banderolnya as big as 89 million pound, while be redeemmed YOU from Juventus in summer then.

"I accept if we be considered yet to play goodly, we don't do this matter, we don't do that matter," Pogba's word to magazine   Esquire,   that be quoted   Soccer Way.

"I know what are we already do. We win three trofi. That is all who I know. what is That is important ones."

"Because You can become best team in world, You can play it a great football and You can fail to win trofi. And who is will remember them? There is no. So not?" ceplos Pogba.

Pogba back to Manchester after flee to Tour it to 2012. "I died Manchester to to play. Only that who I want. Although i am still young, i feel me can play now and i don't want to wait," express him.

"So if not with Manchester, so will with klub other. But inside my thinking, i know: (business with you) yet endy, i maybe back. Even my mother tell this: 'You will back one day'," spread Pogba more continue.

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