Allegri Confess Napoli Is To play it Football Better than Juve

Tour it - Massimiliano Allegri stiff that Napoli, to play it football gooder than Juventus. But, still just the only win is of focus its main.

Partenopei finis second and third behind Bianconeri in two seasons last. Marek Hamsik dkk. also to get many praises because to play it a attractive game under Maurizio Sarri direction.

In other side, Juventus still to control Italian jagad football in six seasons last that to be proofed pass Scudetto. Plus, Coppa's reaching Italian in three seasons beruntun.

Not seldom Juve be criticismmed because to body it a pragmatic football. Allegri has the secluded defending.

"I accept and i am happy told that he (Sarri) to play better," i Juventus's trainer that to Sky.

"Always to happy it the the team to see to play. But when You own win obligation so You is not can always to play goodly."

"I always said that there are five or six contestings in is You must win with game bad ones. As long as of season not is same, will be many momen," Allegri's value.



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