Marquez: Honda Appear Okay in Dry Track or Wet

Marquez: Honda Appear Okay in Dry Track or Wet
Marc Marquez optimisttic with opportunity Honda in German MotoGP. the free training Result first day become evaluation base Baby Allien.

In Sachsenring, Friday (30/6/2017), Honda show progres good ones. Marquez occupy six rank while   free practice   I who direct in trek's condition dry. He register it time one minute 21,898 second.

While while   free practice   II in trek's condition wet, Marquez able menyodok to position two. He register it time one minute 28,178 second or 0,063 second slower from Hector Barbera in position first.

While that, To and Pedrosa able to occupy position three good in free training first and second. enough Result that impresif make Marquez feel enough believe body that Honda able appear good in German MotoGP. They already four seri never win.
Marquez: Honda Appear Okay in Dry Track or Wet

"this Day truly very positive. I feel good and strong while dry track in morning this and also while wet track in while afternoon day. That is important, because You never know condition which is must You face. Its like tommorow will track dry and same of the matter day Sunday. But, we don't know its certain," Marquez's word in   Crash .

"We begin from base the good swallow, and i feel comfort. Now, we must to gave attention to continue better go along with condition trek. I think new asphalt will become better step by step and that can change everything. In while wet track, his grasp so ordinary out and we can four seconds faster to be compared year then."

"In while dry condition, i think there is the potency. But in the asphalt condition that still new, that few rather slippery. However also, we wait just like what condition the weather tommorow. But, we known that we already good enough in every condition," add that Spain origin racer.



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