4 Star Player that Make YOU Expect-expect Worry

4 Star Player that Make YOU Expect-expect Worry

Many that to be wanted, but yet one also who join. 

Expect worry, that that now to be felt fans Manchester United. They wait who is player new that will to be come by his loveness's team.

As far as this many to circulate name. But its love, yet one also that to be ascertained to hang down to Old Trafford.

From so-and-so-much many that be mentioned, its noter there are four the player that already more and more near with you. But more-more yet exist certain.

1. Alvaro Morata

dibidik's He to become suksesor Zlatan Ibrahimovic. To time-time to be newsed already agreed with Real Madrid and the that attacker self, but Morata's moving not ever realizationed.

2. Fabinho 
4 Star Player that Make YOU Expect-expect Worry

He play to AS Monaco now. To repeated time Fabinho be mentioned already of arrive in you. Signal of moving also also have been sent origin player that Brasil. 

But until now still just there is obstacle to its transfer. To begin from manager Jose Mourinho who cage it intend to carry it, until Monaco that to persist arrest Fabinho. 

3. Nemaja Matic 
4 Star Player that Make YOU Expect-expect Worry

That one this is player of loving Mourinho when in Chelsea. Not amazed if he now want to be come. Mored, YOU are to need it player jangkar to to change it Michael Carrick eaching that more and more old. 
But to to come it Matic, YOU are still must to patient. They are must to wait Chelsea come it Tiemuoe Bakayoko that will become suksesor origin gelandang Serbia mentioned. 

4. Ivan Perisic 
4 Star Player that Make YOU Expect-expect Worry
This also ideal player Mourinho. Perisic make The Special One craziest-crazy because skill and style play its persister. 

Persic's Coming will make Mourinho more and more free to develop it formation, in is he later will own winger sharp. But later former, my gap Inter Mile own have still continue to do pull postpone in negosiasi. 

Nerazzurri pole price €50 million. While YOU last brave new to offer €42 million. viva.co.id


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